wave4 South Korea

Asian Barometer Survey Wave 4



By Gallop Korea

  • Basic information

1.1 Location

The Asian Barometer 2015 Survey covered South Korea, except Jeju-do.

1.2 Population

The population of South Korea in 2014 was estimated to be 50.42 million.

1.3 Government

South Korea is a democratic republic with the president as the head of the state and the government. It is a unitary state.

The president is elected by popular vote for a single five-year term through the first-past-the-post rule. According to the electoral rule, the unicameral National Assembly in South Korea is comprised of at least 200 members with a four-year term. Over 80 percent of the members is elected by the simple majority district (SMD) rule. Over 5 percent of the members is elected party-list proportionate representation (PR) rule. Currently, the National Assembly consists of 300 members, among which 246 were elected by the SMD and 54 were elected by the PR.

The current president is Park Geun-hye, who was elected in December 2012. The latest legislative election was held in 2012, with the president’s party—the Saenuri Party (New Frontier Party (previously called the Grand National Party before February 2012)—controls 52% of the seats in the National Assembly.


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