wave4 Cambodia

Asian Barometer Survey Wave 4



By Center for Advanced Study

  • Basic information

1.1 Location

The Asian Barometer 2015 Survey covered the entire 25 provinces of Cambodia

1.2 Population

The population of Cambodia in 2008 was 13,941,000, with estimation at 15,408,270 as of 2014.

1.3 Government

The politics of Cambodia takes place in a frame work of a constitutional monarchy, where by the Prime Minister is the head of government and a Monarch is head of state. The kingdom formally operates according to the nation’s constitution (enacted in 1993) in a framework of a parliamentary, representative democracy. Executive power is exercised by the Prime Minister Hun Sen. Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of parliament, the National Assembly and the Senate.

The Prime Minister of Cambodia is a representative from the ruling party of the National Assembly. He or she is appointed by the King on the recommendation of the President and Vice Presidents of the National Assembly. In order for a person to become Prime Minister, he or she must first be given a vote of confidence by the National Assembly.


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