The organizational structure of the Globalbarometer network is based on the idea of self-governance, i.e. each regional barometer directs its own roster of research institutes located in the 50 countries where surveys are conducted. For example, the Afrobarometer commissions data collection in Nigeria from Practical Sampling International, and in South Africa from Citizens Surveys. However, to properly coordinate the operation of each regional barometer and maintain high standards of research, the GB network is managed with three bodies:

  • Executive Board -- composed of one representative from each regional barometer

The Executive Board provides leadership and makes decisions for the Globalbarometer, develops proposals for research and funding, plans and coordinates surveys according to a common schedule, and authorizes other actions, including delegating tasks to working groups. Dr. Marta Lagos of the Latinobarometro currently chairs the Executive Board for a three-year term starting in July 2003.

  • General Meeting -- representing the national partners in the network

The purpose of the General Meeting is to discuss GB protocols, to raise new subjects,   and to provide  inputs into Executive Board decisions. Through region-wide and cross- regional meetings in different cities, the GB network also hammers out questionnaires, develops new methods, and reports results through an iterative process of professional exchange. 

  • Advisory Board -- consisting of respected senior analysts and practitioners

The Advisory Board is chaired by Larry Diamond of Stanford University, co-editor of The Journal of Democracy . The Board provide general advice, technical expertise, professional contacts on as-needed basis.