The Globalbarometer represents an indigenous initiative to develop a global intellectual community of democracy studies surveying ordinary citizens. The project’s agenda is built on the premises that public attitudes and orientations toward democracy are crucial to the process of political legitimacy and that political culture operates autonomously as a key factor mediating the impact of socio-economic modernization on the evolution of the political regime, particularly in democracies.

Originally inspired by the Eurobarometer, which was funded in the 1970s to track mass attitudes in what was then the European Community; new regional barometers have further developed innovative approaches that have been adapted to world regions undergoing rapid political and economic change. As more regions join the Globalbarometer network, a standard approach is being established to ensure that the data is comparable and reliable.

The Globalbarometer Surveys now cover 3 continents, more than 48% of the world’s population, and it is still expanding. Besides Africa, East and South Asia, Central and South America, and the Middle East, the Caribbean region is the possible region that will join the network once surveys get off the ground in the area.