Program Objectives


The three main objectives of the Asian Barometer Survey are:

1. To generate a region-wide base of scientifically reliable and comparable data.

Public opinion data on issues such as political values, democracy, governance, human security, and economic reforms were gathered through face-to-face interviews with randomly-selected pools of respondents that represent the adult population of the country in question. By insisting on strict research standards, we seek to ensure that are data is trustworthy and accurate.

2. To strengthen intellectual and institutional capacity for research on democracy.

The network fosters mutual exchange of expertise by bringing partners and scholars together for planning and analysis at the national, continental, and global levels.

3. To disseminate survey results to academics and policy circles.

We continually strive for the consistent presentation of our survey results. Using the Globalbarometer Survey (GBS) report as our model, we distribute our data to a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including decision makers in legislative and executive branches of government, policy advocates and civic educators, journalists, academic researchers, international investors, and NGOs concerned with democratic development.